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We design real solutions for social media communities.


Increase brand awareness through in-stream video ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Case Study
Fragment wideo reklamowego marki Allegro z dziewczynami tańczącymi w przebieralni


communication strategy.

We create comprehensive communication strategies based on brand values and goals.

copywriting support.

We carry out daily, planned communication on social media channels, as well as respond quickly to unforeseen situations.

creation of unique graphics.

We use a non-standard approach - we create materials based on dedicated photo shoots.

video and animation production.

Our in-house production studio allows us to independently create video and animation materials.


We use a comprehensive approach to the creation of reels – from script through recording and editing to publication and advertising support.


We perform moderation in Facebook and Instagram channels with the purpose of building relationships with users and leading discussions that appear on brand profiles.

consumer activations.

We offer the brands integrated support with consumer contests: from ideation, through material production and logistics, to legal support.

Captain Jack.

During the pandemic, we organized online houses for 5,000,000 Captain Jack fans.

Case Study
Logo Captain Jack, a w tle charakterystyczna dla marki papuga

Pizza Hut.

We built the world's biggest pizza in Minecraft!

Case Study
Fragment Minecraft prezentujący zbudowaną tam pizzę.


advertising campaigns.

We prepare advertising strategies and media plans for brands, tailoring campaign objectives to individual client needs.

analysis and reporting.

We study the effectiveness of activities using dedicated tools.

media monitoring.

We monitor the web, checking for mentions and user sentiment towards the brand – our analysis is included in monthly reports.

social selling.

We create valuable content that builds loyalty of brand channel audiences and creates a community around them.

other realizations.

Logotyp agencji reklamowej Hand Made w kolorze białym.